Targeted Regulatory Reviews (Round 3)

Areas of focus

The Government of Canada launched a third round of Regulatory Reviews in 2022. This round of Regulatory Reviews focuses on:

  • Blue Economy: examining the role of regulation as a driver of ocean innovation, identifying regulatory and administrative barriers to environmentally sustainable growth and facilitating the development of agile regulations to address concerns of future-oriented ocean industries.
  • Supply Chains: exploring opportunities to support stronger and more resilient supply chains through regulatory framework, identifying areas where improvements to regulation or regulatory practices can support the movement of goods, services and people in Canada. Supply chains as they relate to cross-border movement, as well as to securing supply in key areas, would also be explored as part of the Review.

As part of the third round of Regulatory Reviews, the government will continue to explore opportunities to support Canada’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. This will include exploring opportunities for enhanced regulatory agility and improved digitalization, informed by the External Advisory Committee on Regulatory Competitiveness’s March 2021 Recommendation Letter to the President of the Treasury Board.

Stakeholder engagement

Stakeholders will have the opportunity to provide input for the third round of Regulatory Reviews.

Input from ocean industry stakeholders, Indigenous Peoples, other levels of government and other organizations or individuals interested in regulatory issues related to the Blue Economy was sought through the Blue Economy Regulatory Review project on the Let’s Talk Federal Regulations platform until . The themes, guiding questions and instructions for submissions are found on the project page.

Information on opportunities to input to the Supply Chain Regulatory Review will be shared in future.

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