Targeted Regulatory Reviews (Round 2)

Areas of focus

In 2019, the Government of Canada started a second round of targeted Regulatory Reviews. This round of reviews focuses on the following three areas:

  • clean technology: exploring opportunities for the regulatory system to increase the adoption of clean technology and to enhance innovation and competitiveness
  • digitalization and technology neutrality:  identifying opportunities to advance the development, adoption and support of digital tools and processes in the regulatory space; and examining existing regulations to support technology neutrality
  • international standards: examining strategic opportunities to incorporate international standards into regulation and to demonstrate Canadian leadership in standards development

These three areas were identified based on the advice of the External Advisory Committee on Regulatory Competitiveness as detailed in a letter to the President of the Treasury Board of Canada.

Regulatory Roadmaps

These reviews resulted in the following Regulatory Roadmaps, which lay out plans to advance regulatory modernization in support of economic growth and innovation in key sectors:

Latest updates

The latest updates on the implementation of Roadmap actions can be found at Regulatory Reviews progress update for Rounds 1 and 2.

Stakeholder engagement

Stakeholders provided feedback on the second round of Targeted Regulatory Reviews during consultations launched in the Canada Gazette, Part I,  on June 29, 2019. These consultations sought stakeholder feedback on the second round of regulatory reviews and on other regulatory modernization initiatives.

The What We Heard: Report on Regulatory Modernization provides a summary of stakeholder feedback.

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