Pesticides in Canada

All pesticides used in Canada must meet the requirements of the Pest Control Products Act and its regulations. Find out how Health Canada regulates pesticides, how you can get involved, and pest control tips for common home and garden pests and weeds.

Using pesticides safely

Using, storing and disposing of pesticides

Explore pesticide use and safety. Learn about the risks of homemade pesticides and buying online, and how to report incidents.

Pest control tips

Information on how to deal with common household pests like spiders, bedbugs, ants, cockroaches and mice.

Insect repellents

Discover the health risks of insect bites, ways to protect yourself and how to choose the right repellent for your needs and age.

Using pesticides on your lawn

Learn how to maintain your lawn in environmentally friendly ways that reduce the need for pesticide use.

Swimming pool and spa chemicals

Find out how to choose and safely use products for cleaning pool and spa water.

Protecting your health and the environment

Information on the mechanisms in place to protect your health and the environment throughout a pesticide’s lifecycle.

Search pesticide information

Pesticide safety

Learn how pesticides and other pest control products are regulated in Canada so that they can be used safely and effectively.

Pesticides and food safety

Find out how pesticides contribute to food safety and how pesticide residue limits are set in Canada.

Pesticide product information database

Browse information on products and programs related to pesticides.

Pesticide labels

Search the pesticide label database, available online and on your mobile device.

Pesticide safety videos and infographics

Learn how Health Canada scientists are working to make sure that all pesticides made and sold in Canada can be used safely.

What we are doing

Contact the Pesticide Information Service

Contact us with questions or concerns related to pesticides and pest management.

Report a pesticide incident

After you have taken care of a pesticide-related health emergency, report the incident.

Review consultation documents

Review and comment on proposed regulatory decisions, policies, directives and guidance documents.

View regulatory decisions and reports

View regulatory decision documents, policies, guidelines, reports, education and training materials.

PMRA Program Renewal

Learn how the pesticide regulatory program is undergoing transformation.

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