Consultation on abamectin, Proposed Maximum Residue Limit PMRL2024-13

Current status: Open

Opened on 26 June 2024 and will close for consultation on 9 September 2024

Health Canada is consulting the public and seeking your feedback on proposed maximum residue limit (MRL) increases for abamectin on papayas and fruiting vegetables (except tomatoes) imported into Canada; and new MRLs on tea and various other foods imported into Canada.

An MRL is the highest amount of a specific pesticide residue allowed on a particular food when a pesticide is used according to label directions.

The proposed MRL increases for abamectin are being requested to revise Canada's existing MRLs to align with the United States (US) tolerances (another name for MRLs) for papayas and fruiting vegetables (except tomatoes) grown in the US.

The proposed new MRLs for abamectin are being requested to align Canada's new MRL with the Japanese MRL for tea (for tea grown in Japan), and to align Canada's new MRLs with the US tolerances for various other foods grown in the US.

These proposed MRL changes allow these foods, or any processed foods derived from them, to be imported and sold in Canada.


What is the proposed MRL decision

This consultation is on the proposed decision to:

Health Canada conducted scientific evaluations to determine the potential impact of the new abamectin MRLs. The scientific evaluations show that the proposed new and revised MRLs for abamectin would continue to meet Health Canada's requirements for the protection of human health.

How to get involved

This consultation comment period is open for comment from 26 June 2024 to 9 September 2024 (75 calendar days).

To comment on PMRL2024-13:

Please be sure to include the title of the consultation document on which you are commenting.

Health Canada will consider all comments received up to 75 days from the date of publication of this document (by 26 September 2024) before making a final decision on the proposed MRLs for abamectin.

View the proposed MRL decision

Related information

Reporting to the people of Canada

Health Canada will make the results of this consultation available on this website. Once the decision on abamectin is finalized, the established MRLs will be legally in effect as of the date that they are entered into the MRL database. The MRL database is an online application that allows users to search for established MRLs, regulated under the Pest Control Products Act, for pesticides and foods.

If you have any questions, contact the Pest Management Information Service.

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