Consultation on the proposed policy on continuous oversight of pesticides, Regulatory Proposal PRO2024-01

Current status: Open

Opened on 3 January 2024 and will close for consultation on 3 March 2024.

Health Canada is taking steps to further improve the safety of pesticides by introducing the Continuous Oversight of Pesticides policy. This policy builds on the Pest Management Regulatory Agency’s (PMRA) existing monitoring systems and also introduces new monitoring activities. These new activities will keep PMRA updated with the latest scientific information that becomes available after a pesticide has been approved. As a result, necessary actions can be taken more proactively to protect both public health and the environment.

Under the Continuous Oversight of Pesticides policy, PMRA proposes to collect on an ongoing basis and consider new information such as published scientific literature, water monitoring data, and regulatory decisions made by other Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) member countries throughout a pesticide’s regulatory lifecycle. It is important to note that these processes enhance and do not replace PMRA’s post-market re-evaluation and special review processes that allow PMRA to regularly monitor an active ingredient throughout its lifecycle, and help ensure that there are no emerging risks.

How to get involved

Health Canada's Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) invites the public, stakeholders, and partners to submit written comments on the proposed Continuous Oversight of Pesticides Policy.

This consultation is available for comment for 60 calendar days from the date of publication, with a closure of the comment period on 3 March 2024. Open the "Consultation Document" link to access the document.

If you would like to comment, see the Pest Management Regulatory Agency Publications Section page for contact information. Please be sure to include the title of the consultation document on which you are commenting.

Reporting to Canadians

Health Canada will make the results of this consultation available on this website. The final version of the policy will be published on PMRA’s Policies and Guidelines website.

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