Electronic Pesticide Regulatory System (e-PRS) Secure Web Portal

The Electronic Pesticide Regulatory System (e-PRS) Secure Web Portal is a service designed to allow Information Providers to send electronic document packages to the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) in a quick and secure manner using the Internet. Information Providers may still use previous methods of delivery; however this method provides many advantages:

  • The Secure Web Portal is secure and can accept document packages up to 250 MB in size.
  • Document packages can be sent quickly to the PMRA using the Secure Web Portal and avoids the cost of using mail/courier, or burning data to a CD/DVD-ROM.
  • Information Providers and Applicants can delegate external parties to submit on their behalf.
  • Information Providers can view the progress of their document transmission, and will receive automatic confirmation of its delivery to the PMRA along with a confirmation number.

On this page:

This page provides information and documentation on how to enroll in the Secure Web Portal, how to set up an online account, what to do when one receives an Activation Key from the PMRA and where to click to access the Secure Web Portal. Should you require further information please contact the Pest Management Information Service.

Documentation and Enrolment

To enroll in the e-PRS Secure Web Portal:

  1. Download and read the enrolment documents below.
  2. Complete the Information Provider Profile Form (IPPF).
  3. Review and sign the e-PRS Secure Web Portal Terms and Conditions of Use Agreement.
  4. Return the following to PMRA:
    • the completed IPPF;
    • a signed copy of the e-PRS Secure Web Portal Terms and Conditions of Use Agreement; and
    • proof of legal capacity to enter into the e-PRS Secure Web Portal Terms and Conditions of Use Agreement.

Enrolment Package

User Guidance

Online Account and Activation Key

In order to access and use the e-PRS Secure Web Portal, all users must create an online account using one of the Government of Canada's electronic credential services. Please note that this is in addition to properly enrolling as a Primary Officer, Delegate Officer or Transaction User.

By clicking on the login link below, users may create an online account using the electronic credential service of their choice. One service is called SecureKey Concierge which allows you to access Government of Canada services using online banking credentials from TD Bank Group, Scotiabank or BMO Financial Group. These are the first participating sign-in partners and it is expected that more will be added at a later date.

The other service is called "GCKey" which has replaced Access Key as the Government's own branded credential service. GCKey allows you to access enabled services, including the e-PRS Secure Web Portal, by registering for a user name and password.

Along with the creation of an online account, an e-PRS Secure Web Portal account needs to be created through the completion of an enrolment package. After this enrolment package is reviewed by the PMRA, an Activation Key will be sent to the enroller. When a user logs in to the e-PRS Secure Web Portal for the first time using their online account, the Activation Key must be entered to confirm the user and complete the account activation. Subsequent logins will not require the Activation Key to be re-entered.

Secure Web Portal User Guide - Version 5.0

To obtain an electronic copy of the document, Secure Web Portal User Guide, please contact our Publications office.

Secure Web Portal - Sign In

Before you sign-in for the first time, please ensure that you have been assigned an Activation Key. If you are a Primary Officer, you will have received your Activation Key directly from the PMRA. If you are a Delegate Officer or Transaction User, your Activation Key will be generated and given to you by your Primary Officer.

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