Renewing or Discontinuing Pest Control Products

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1. Renewal/Discontinuation Notice and Deadline

A Renewal/Discontinuation Notice Email with a list of fully registered pest control products that expire on December 31, 2016 was sent in July 2016 to each Registrant's official regulatory email address.

The deadline for submission of a renewal or discontinuation is September 26, 2016. Failure to renew or discontinue a product will result in its expiry. Please note that this is a separate notice than the submission of Annual Sales Report or payment of Maintenance Fees, and it is an offence under the Pest Control Products Act to manufacture, import, sell or use an expired product.

2. Preparing and Submitting the Renewal or Discontinuation Applications

  1. Verify the list of products contained in the Renewal/Discontinuation Notice Email sent in July 2016 and report any discrepancies immediately to the PMRA Renewal Team. The Notice Email will also contain the submission number of the last Approved Statement of Product Specifications Form (SPSF) for each product.
  2. For each product, complete and submit a Renewal/Discontinuation Form (6000). Please note that the form has been updated to no longer accept credit card information. However, the form details how to provide your credit card information to the PMRA by phone.

There are three options for submitting renewal applications to the PMRA. In order to prevent the creation of duplicate submissions, please use only one delivery method:

Secure Web Portal

With an activated account, submit the electronic Renewal/Discontinuation form using the Secure Web Portal, 'Submit an Application' section, 'Renewal' option.

Mail or Courier

Submit the paper or electronic Renewal/Discontinuation Form to:

  • Pest Management Regulatory Agency
    RENEWAL 2016
    2720 Riverside Drive
    Ottawa, ON  K1A 0K9


Please note that email is not a secure method of delivery. Submit the electronic Renewal/ Discontinuation Form to the PMRA's central email. The subject line of the email must include the keywords "[Product No.] Renewal 2016", or "[Product No.] Discontinuation".

3. PMRA Review of Renewal or Discontinuation Applications


If the Registrant has affirmed in the Renewal/Discontinuation Form that there are no changes to the last approved SPSF(s) and/or label (or if the changes are Notifiable as per DIR2013-02), and the PMRA determines that the product is eligible for renewal of registration, a Renewal Certificate will be issued with a validity period of five (5) years.

If the Registrant has instead affirmed in the Renewal/Discontinuation Form that there are changes to the last approved SPSF and/or label that require an Amendment application, and the PMRA determines that the product is eligible for renewal of registration, a Renewal Certificate will be issued and granted a validity period of five (5) years. However, the product will receive the registration status 'Full Registration with Conditions'. Due to this, the Registrant will be required to submit an amendment application for the product by 2017-12-31 to register the affirmed changes and meet the conditions of registration. A 'Full Registration with Conditions' status, or reduced expiry date extension, may also be given to certain products based on PMRA's review.


If the Registrant has indicated in the Renewal/Discontinuation Form that the product is being discontinued, they will be informed in writing once the process is complete.

4. Other Points for Consideration

  1. If a Registrant has initiated but not completed a transfer of ownership of a product, the onus to renew or discontinue the registration remains with the Registrant who received the July 2016 Renewal/Discontinuation Notice email.
  2. Initial Product Registrants are responsible for submitting separate applications to renew or discontinue the registration of the Initial Product and any associated Private Label products.
  3. No changes may be made to a product under a Renewal application.
  4. Ensure that your products' maintenance fees are paid before submitting your Renewal applications.
  5. Renewal applications are separate from the payment of maintenance fees or the submission of Sales Reports.
  6. Any changes to your company's contact information should be made prior to submitting your Renewal applications. Use Form 6300 to make these changes.
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