Research Authorizations and Notifications

Research with pest control products may be conducted under a research authorization, a notification in lieu of authorization, or an exemption.

A Research Authorization is the granting of permission, under the Pest Control Products Act (PCPA), to a research establishment to conduct research with a pest control product under certain conditions.  Before a Research Authorization certificate can be issued, the information and data submitted with the application must be reviewed.  The review includes an evaluation of the health and environmental risks and, in some cases, the value associated with the proposed research.

Under certain conditions, a Notification of Research can be submitted by a research establishment in lieu of an application for a Research Authorization.  If the screening process determines that the proposed research meets the criteria, a Notification of Research certificate is issued. The scientific review process is not required in this case.

In very specific cases, research conducted with a pest control product can be exempt from the requirement of a Research Authorization or Notification of Research.

Guidance Documents

Guidelines for Research Authorizations, Notifications of Research and Exemptions


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