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Assisted human reproduction in Canada

Canadians experiencing infertility, single parents, and same-sex couples are increasingly turning to assisted human reproduction (AHR) procedures to help build their families.

Health Canada is responsible for developing policy and regulations under the Assisted Human Reproduction Act (AHR Act). We administer and enforce the Act and its regulations.

The AHR Act received Royal Assent in 2004 and was designed to protect and promote the health, safety, dignity, and rights of Canadians who use or are born of AHR technology. The AHR Act achieves this purpose by setting out prohibited activities related to assisted human reproduction that may pose significant human health and safety risks to Canadians or that are deemed to be ethically unacceptable or incompatible with Canadian values.

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Strengthening the Assisted Human Reproduction Act

In 2016, recognizing the need to strengthen the federal regulatory framework governing AHR in Canada, Health Canada announced its intention to bring into force sections 10 (safety of donor sperm and ova), 12 (reimbursement) and 45 to 58 (administration and enforcement) of the AHR Act and to develop the necessary supporting regulations. Those regulations were published in Canada Gazette, Part II on June 26, 2019.

Sections 45 to 58 of the AHR Act came into force on June 9, 2019, along with the Administration and Enforcement (Assisted Human Reproduction Act) Regulations.

Section 10 of the AHR Act came into force on February 4, 2020, along with most provisions of the Safety of Sperm and Ova Regulations. The Health Canada Directive entitled "Technical Requirements for Conducting the Suitability Assessment of Sperm and Ova Donors, which has been incorporated by reference into these regulations, also took effect on that date.

Section 12 of the AHR Act came into force on June 9, 2020, along with the Reimbursement Related to Assisted Human Reproduction Regulations.


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While no longer in force, information from the following sources may be needed to determine whether sperm processed prior to the coming into force of the Safety of Sperm and Ova Regulations may be distributed, imported or used:

For more information about the Transitional Provisions in the Safety of Sperm and Ova Regulations, please consult the Guidance Document - Safety of Sperm and Ova Regulations.

Compliance and Enforcement

For information on compliance and enforcement of the AHR Act and its regulations, as well as how to submit a formal complaint, please visit the Compliance and Enforcement page.

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