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ePost Connect™ is the primary method of electronic communication between the directorate and applicants regarding applications. This includes information request notices, licences and decision documents.

The directorate only accepts new applications through ePost Connect™. To submit new applications to the directorate, you need to:

  1. register an account with ePost Connect™ through Canada Post
  2. register as a trading partner with the directorate

Registered trading partners can submit new applications electronically. These applications could be for:

As a registered trading partner, you will have access to submit these applications using a specific conversation in ePost Connect™, without signatures on the document. This is because becoming a trading partner associates your signature with your email address.

Upon review of the application, the directorate routes correspondence from ePost Connect™ to the contact emails listed on the application form. Therefore, application contacts need to register an account with ePost Connect™ to receive correspondence from the directorate.

Application contacts do not need to register as a trading partner to respond to electronic communications about specific applications with the directorate.

You don’t need to purchase a licence for the ePost Connect™ system. The directorate initiates all correspondence through the system. You only need to respond as outlined below.


The directorate will:

Applicants will:

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Account creation

Applicants must register an account with epost Connect™ to access electronic communications from the directorate. The process is free and takes less than 5 minutes.

To create an account, click “Sign In or Register” at the top of the ePost Connect™ webpage. Click “Register Now” and follow the instructions.

Register with ePost Connect™

Contact technical support for help with ePost Connect™ or issues with usernames or passwords.

Telephone: 1-877-376-1212

Learn more about:


After the directorate receives and reviews your application for administrative deficiencies, they will create a new ePost conversation for your application. You will receive an email inviting you to join a conversation from a collaborator. The email address of the collaborator will be identified in the email notification text.

To access the message click on the link “Access the Message”. You will then land on the ePost Connect™ log‐in page. After logging in, you will be able to review the message and provide further information if requested.

You must send all electronic correspondence through the ePost Connect™ interface by replying and posting within the message. Do not send anything directly to directorate email accounts. We will not accept or respond to email sent outside of the ePost Connect™ system.

screen grab

Text description: Example of an ePost Connect™ message

ePost. One place. One login. One password. vtp@innovationinc.com has sent you a message though ePost Connect, Canada Post’s secure messaging service.

Access the message.

The message within the conversation will expire on: September 01, 2013 – 15:20:34 EDT

Note: The message and its attachment are protected from search and seizure under the Canada Post Corporation Act and the Criminal Code. This message and its attachment are to be opened only by the designated recipient(s) or authorized representative(s).

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