Electronically contacting the Natural and Non-prescription Health Products Directorate: Submitting electronic applications

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Types of application

The directorate uses 2 kinds of application form to minimize the chance of refusals and follow-up, as well as the time taken for processing the applications. These are:

Some general requirements when using the electronic tools:

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Submitting through ePost Connect™

The accepted way to submit a web PLA or web SLA is through ePost Connect™.

The directorate only accepts application packages from enrolled trading partners through their ePost Connect™ ‘New NHP applications’ conversation. This conversation is initiated by the directorate’s ‘Applications’ account (nhpsn.ePostel.applications@hc-sc.gc.ca).

The directorate will accept correspondence regarding Information Request Notices and Clarimails through submission-specific ePost Connect™ conversations. These conversations are initiated by the directorate’s “Correspondence” account (nhpsn.ePostel.correspond@hc-sc.gc.ca). They are used to issue notices specific to an application and generally contain the submission number in the conversation title. New applications and other requests are not accepted through these conversations.

Delegated users or third party individuals must have a designated party authorization form from the product or site licence holder to submit a new application. This is because the ePost Connect™ account acts as the electronic signature for the application (as verified through the trading partner enrolment process).

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Maintaining electronic format

Responding to Information Request Notices and Clarimails

Respond with the fully-revised web PLA or web SLA when responding to Information Request Notices and Clarimails. If you submit a revised web PLA or web SLA, make sure to only change what was requested. The rest of the application must match the previous version. Submit Information Request Notice through the submission-specific “Correspondence” ePost conversation.

Post-licensing changes

Submit all post-licensing applications using the Amendment and Notification Form. Include both the .xml and .pdf copies in the submission package, along with any required documentation. Refer to the “Required documents” section of the finalized submission for a list of required documents.

The form must be finalized. We will refuse unfinalized forms or those with a duplicate tracking number for administrative deficiency, and will require resubmission with a unique tracking number.

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