Cannabis transactional fees for licence holders

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The fee prices on this page will change annually based on Statistics Canada's Consumer Price Index. These changes are published before the start of each new fiscal year (April 1) in the Canada Gazette. If there is a difference between the fee prices in this guide and the fee prices published in the Canada Gazette, the fee prices published in the Canada Gazette are considered correct.

See paying your cannabis fees for payment methods.


After you've submitted a licence application, security clearance application or an import or export permit application, Health Canada will send you an invoice by email to your responsible person. The fee in the invoice is specific to you.

All transactional fees are for a single application or permit and are non-refundable. Health Canada will only begin work on your request after you have paid your invoice in full.

Payment of an invoice doesn't guarantee that a licence or permit will be issued, or that a security clearance will be granted.

Application screening fee

Micro-cultivation, micro-processing, and nursery licence

Standard-cultivation, standard processing and sale for medical purposes licence

If an application includes a sale for medical purposes licence with any combination of micro-cultivation, micro-processing, or nursery licence, the lower application fee of $1,886 applies.

Security clearance fee

This fee is for each security clearance application. You need to pay the fee for each person who requires a security clearance.

The security clearance fee for each application is $1,903 (as of April 1, 2023).

Import or export permit fee

This fee is for each import or export permit. You need to pay this fee for each permit request.

The import or export permit fee for each request is $703 (as of April 1, 2023).

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