Food safety education: Overview

Learn about Health Canada's role in food safety education, and what resources are available to improve food safety.

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Health Canada's role in food safety education

Health Canada leads federal food safety risk communication activities. It promotes prevention behaviours, such as safe food handling, outside of outbreak periods. It shares information to help the Canadian population make healthier and safer food choices to:

Many foodborne illnesses can be prevented by following basic safe food handling practices and avoiding high-risk foods.

Health Canada is increasing outreach and education efforts to help address various food safety knowledge and behaviour gaps.

We created an interdepartmental education working group to:

The working group uses new approaches to influence attitudes and behaviours of people related to food safety.

As part of our next steps, Health Canada is developing resources to improve food safety education and awareness.

Food safety education resources

Food safety course for health professionals and educators

This online, science-based food safety course provides health professionals and educators with current and accurate information. The course is designed to give health professionals and educators a solid foundation about food safety to more effectively educate their clients, students and consumers.

The audience for this course is health professionals and educators. However, anyone with an interest in food safety is welcome to take this course.

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Food safety course for school-aged children

These classroom-ready food safety resource kits support teaching safe food practices to children aged 9 to 13. These kits were developed in collaboration with an educational specialist.

The resources kits, while cross-curricular, focus on health and wellness, language arts and science.

These resources fill existing gaps and respond to both student and educator needs.

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Food safety awareness resources

These resources are aimed at educating at risk groups in safe food handling practices to help promote safety in the kitchen. In addition, there are also resources to help reinforce food safe preparation of meals. The awareness resources for food safety for vulnerable populations are available online and can be ordered if printed distribution is preferred.

Online videos, such as "Teach your kids safe cooking habits" are available to provide quick reminders about safe food handling habits.

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