Physical Security Directive

All companies who wish to conduct activities with controlled substances are required to have a secure environ for the storage of controlled drugs and substances. The Directive on Physical Security Requirements for Controlled Substances (the Directive) outlines the physical security requirements for the storage of controlled substances. It is intended to establish realistic minimum security standards and help licenced dealers in their own risk assessment when designing their secure environs. The Directive has been written for all licenced dealers, regardless of the types of activities that are to be conducted.

A description of each of the 11 security levels and the requirements for each one are found in the Directive. The security levels are determined by the geographical location, the type and the total quantity of controlled drugs and substances to be stored on the premises at any given time. The Directive should be read carefully to determine the desired security level for your licence.

Below you will find fillable PDF templates that the OCS has created to accelerate the review of the physical security portion of all applications. Current licensed dealers should submit the completed, relevant template(s) when applying for physical security amendments. Licensed dealer applicants should submit the completed, relevant template(s) along with their New Licence Application.

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