Ice safety

How to prevent injuries while skating

Keep children safe when ice skating:

  • Make sure they always wear a helmet, as the slick ice makes it easy to slip and fall.
  • Have them skate in the same direction as everyone else on the ice. Kids who are slower skaters should stick to the sides of the rink, and you should skate with them.
  • Make sure that young learners have access to proper support by holding your hand or the railing around the rink.

If you are skating with children on a frozen lake, river or pond:

  • Inspect the ice before your children start skating. Let them know where the ice is smooth and thick enough for skating.
  • Never skate near pockets of open water on a frozen lake--this means the ice is thin or you are near a cracked surface.

Ensure children wear warm clothing to prevent frostbite or hypothermia.

Fast Fact

When taking your children skating on a frozen lake or river, make sure the ice is at least 10 centimetres (four inches) thick. Avoid areas where there is visibly open water.

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