Sports: play safely

Play safe

What can you do to make sure children are safe at play? You can't prevent every bruise and scrape, especially in sports, but you can help ensure injuries happen less often and that they are less serious.

  • Before children start a new sport or activity, make sure they learn how to play properly. Learning the rules, techniques and appropriate behaviours for a certain sport or activity will help children avoid unnecessary injuries.
  • Encourage children to warm up for at least five minutes before playing. It's easier to get hurt when playing a sport if kids have cold, stiff muscles.
  • Hydration is important, so be sure kids drink lots of water before and during the game.
  • Make sure kids wear the gear that's right for the game. Get the size that fits, and make sure it's worn the right way.
  • Children should wear sunscreen when playing outdoors. Make sure sunscreen is applied at least 15 minutes before the game begins, and reapplied as directed.

Did you know...

A child's skull can fracture on impact at only 7 km/h. A child's skull is only 1 centimetre thick and can be fractured at only 7 km/h. Kids on bikes often travel at these speeds or faster. Get your kids to wear helmets when cycling and wear one yourself to set a good example.

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