Injury prevention

Find safety information to prevent injuries at home and outdoors.

Services and information

Household chemical safety

Learn about household chemical safety to prevent burns, fires, poisoning and explosions.

Blind cord safety

Learn about how blind cords can be a health risk to your child. Also find safety tips to reduce this risk.

Trampolines and inflatable play structures

Learn about the health risks of using trampolines and inflatable play structures. Also find tips on how to safely play with these products.


Learn about how magnets are dangerous for children to play with.


Find information to prepare your children to play sports safely.

Swim safe

Find information on swimming and pool safety. These tips will help protect your children from serious injury or death.

Sports gear safety tips

Find safety tips on using sports gear properly to prevent children from getting hurt when playing sports.

Safety around the house

Learn how to identify and fix hazards in your home so it is safe for your children.

Water temperature, burns and scalds

Learn about the hazards of hot water and bathtubs for children. Prevent injury with these safety tips.

Lead-based paint

Learn about the health risks of using lead-based paint and lead poisoning. Also find information on how to check if your home contains lead-based paint.

Lead and cadmium in children's jewellery

Learn about the health risks of lead and cadmium in children's jewelry. Find safety tips to protect your child from the negative effects of these metals.

Backyard safety

Many Canadians spend a lot of their time working and relaxing in their backyards during the warmer months. Find out how to enjoy your backyard safely.

Furniture, appliance and television safety

Learn safety tips to reduce the risk of your furniture, appliances or televisions tipping over and hurting your children.

Holiday safety

Learn how to manage the health and safety hazards of holiday items you bring into your home.


Learn about children's playpen safety.

Ice safety

Learn how you can prevent injuries and keep your children safe when ice skating.

Injury tracking

Learn more about what we are doing in injury surveillance.

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