Ministerial Instructions respecting the Express Entry system

The Express Entry application management system will be primarily governed using Ministerial Instructions. These instructions are authorized by s.10.3(1) of the IRPA, which includes provisions that authorize the Minister to issue instructions to manage most features of the Express Entry system.

Express Entry Ministerial Instructions include:

  • The economic immigration programs included in Express Entry and associated eligibility criteria;
  • The electronic submission process a candidate must complete in order to submit an Express Entry profile, and any associated exemptions;
  • How candidates will be ranked in the Express Entry pool;
  • Information on invitation-to-apply draws;
  • Time limits for the maximum amount of time a candidate can be in the Express Entry pool, and if invited, how long they have to submit an application for permanent residence;
  • Candidate information that can be shared with third parties including other government departments; and,
  • How candidates will be notified about any matter relating to their expression of interest.

As required by IRPA, subsection 10.3(4), all Ministerial Instructions related to Express Entry must be published on IRCC’s website. Some Ministerial Instructions must also be posted in the Canada Gazette.

These Ministerial Instructions will come into force on January 1, 2015. The entire package of Ministerial Instructions has been posted in the Canada Gazette and on IRCC’s website.

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