ARCHIVED – Enhanced Language Training Initiative: Formative Evaluation

Appendix C: Characteristics of SPOs/ Projects Reporting Successful Employment Outcomes


Features of SPOs Reporting High Success in Post-ELT Employment

SPO Features
Association of New Canadians
  • SPO: immigrant serving organization
  • Promotion: print media, educational institutions and in SPOs
  • Intake: information session, language assessment and interview
  • Supports: none
  • Instruction: 5 hours/day and access to resource centre; instructors with BA or M.Ed and ESL
  • Work placement: 5 – 8 week voluntary placement
  • Supports: mentorship program
Brooks Adult Community Centre
  • SPO: community organization
  • Promotion: notify local SPO
  • Intake: interviews, in-house assessment, language assessment
  • Supports: child-minding could be available; not required
  • Instruction: generic course – 15 hours/week for 12 weeks
  • Work placement: not necessary, given labour market situation
  • Other: Very targeted projects for specific employment market/ employer; very strong job market
Yukon College
  • SPO: community college
  • Promotion: print media, SPOs, radio
  • Intake: interviews to determine CLB level
  • Supports: computer training
  • Instruction: 4.5 hours/day for 15 weeks; instructors B.Ed or MA and ESL
  • Work placement: at least 2 week volunteer work placements
  • Supports: safety training
  • Other: very strong local job market; diverse local economy so job developer can find appropriate opportunities for all participants with varied backgrounds
Assiniboine Credit Union
(Financial service representatives)
  • SPO: non-profit organization (credit union – on behalf of group of credit unions)
  • Promotion: community organizations; employment agencies; municipality
  • Intake: information session, interviews, CLB language assessment; screened for employability with credit unions
  • Supports: none
  • Instruction: 5 weeks;
  • Work placement: 1-2 week volunteer placement then 12-week paid placement with credit unions
  • Others: Strong involvement of employer; limited intake (essentially a pre-screening for post-ELT employment)
Bredin Institute Centre for Learning (Pharmacists)
  • SPO: community college
  • Promotion: SPO; employers, educational institutions
  • Intake: commitment to remain in province, CLB assessment
  • Supports: credit for tuition (required when ELT pilot project ended)
  • Instruction: 24 weeks in class, 39 hours/week; instructors are pharmacists; access to speech experts; includes employer placement one day per week throughout training
  • Work placement: 13 weeks paid internship and 4-week exam preparation
  • Other: managed by a learning institute; classroom instruction enhanced by (i.e., all students are placed during training) – most students return to this employer for their preceptorship and, eventually, full-time employment upon successful completion of the exam; clients return for exam preparation after full time paid work placement (preceptorship); exam preparation is considered key to success – students experience 4 weeks of exam preparation, students are given 3 mocks exams that are video-taped, judged, and where feedback is provided
  • SPO: immigrant-serving organization
  • Promotion: community organization, print media, radio/TV, SPO
  • Intake: CLB assessment, credential assessment
  • Supports: some financial support for work placements
  • Instruction: 8-week program, 5 hours a day, 5 days a week; online module (6 weeks); instructor – immigrant with MA in ESL
  • Work placement: 8-week practically paid work placement
  • Other: in-depth intake process, screening not only language, but commitment to the program and relevant experience; strong employer relationships, good communication with clients about preferred placements
Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers and Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
  • SPO: immigrant serving organization and community college
  • Promotion: word of mouth; print media, SPOs
  • Intake: interview, CLB assessment
  • Supports: living stipend while in study
  • Instruction: 4 months language training, 6 months accounting program
  • Work placement: paid jobs or may have internships of 1-6 months
  • Other: Intensive accounting program leads to certification program partially delivered by recognized training institute; Alberta Works covers living expenses; strong partnership with Alberta Ministry of Finance as program employer and partner
Toronto District School Board
  • SPO: educational institution
  • Promotion: community organizations; word of mouth; print media; SPO
  • Intake: written assignment to determine language abilities
  • Supports: None
  • Instruction: 9 hours a week (evening and Saturday); first intake was 14 weeks and second was 22
  • Work placement: 6-week volunteer placements
  • Other: program co-located with LINC program;
  • Very solid, meaningful generic curriculum developed by knowledgeable professionals and refined by teachers after each intake
  • Generic curriculum
  • Strong employer relationships developed by job developer
  • Good communication between clients and job developer regarding preferred placements
  • Volunteer placements
  • Flexibility in the arrangements for volunteer placements, that is, where possible, some participants have been able to extend their placements which increase their Canadian experience

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