Take the online citizenship test

After you receive the invitation, you can take the online citizenship test. Find out what you need to do to prepare for and complete the test.

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Prepare for the online test

Make sure you

What you need for the test

Make sure you’re prepared on the day you take the test.

Gather your identifications and information

You’ll need

Use the right devices and browsers

You must take the test with

Do not take the test with

Make sure you

Pick a good test location

The test location must 

If needed, you may take the test in a library or with a public computer.

Start the online test

You must wait for the test invitation before you take the online test (otherwise, you won’t be able to sign in).

Sign in to the test

When you’re ready, sign in with your

  • application number, and
  • unique client identifier (UCI)

Get help signing in

Sign in

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