What passport applications you can submit at a Service Canada Centre

There are over 300 Service Canada Centres that offer passport services across the country. They can

  • accept standard passport applications submitted in person
  • review your application to make sure it is complete
  • collect and validate your supporting documents, including
    • photos
    • proof of citizenship
    • identification document
  • accept payment for your fees
  • send your application to us for processing

However, some applications need to be submitted at a dedicated passport office.

Whether you submit your application at a Service Canada Centre or a passport office, IRCC employees make the final decisions on all passport applications.

Applications you can submit at a Service Canada Centre

You can only submit these types of applications:

  • passport renewal applications
  • adult passport applications
  • child passport applications (if both parents are participating)
  • child passport applications with only 1 parent when
    • there’s only 1 parent listed on the child’s birth certificate or proof of parentage document or
    • a death certificate is submitted for 1 of the parents listed on the child’s birth certificate or proof of parentage document
  • adult passport applications with name changes due to a relationship status change
  • applications from Canadians living in the United States

Applications you need to submit at a passport office

You can submit all of the applications accepted at Service Canada Centres and

  • urgent or express applications
  • children’s applications when only 1 parent is participating
  • applications from Canadians living outside Canada and the United States
    • You must submit the application in person.
  • applications asking for a name on the passport that isn’t the name shown on the
    • proof of Canadian citizenship
    • supporting identification (for adult applications)

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