After you apply

Refugee travel document and certificate of identity services are now available

Find out how to apply for regular or urgent service.

If you already applied and now need a travel document urgently, contact us.

Processing your application

If your application is incomplete, we’ll return it to you.

If we start processing your application, you will not get a full refund if

You need to request a refund if

If we refuse your application

You won’t get the full service fee back. We only refund the consular fee. We do this automatically.

If we approve your application

Your travel document and your original documents will be mailed to you. They may be in 2 separate packages.

Contact us to update your mailing address if you

If you have a community mailbox, make sure you check it before you contact us about your application.

After getting your travel document

When you receive your travel document, you need to do the following:

1. Make sure the information is accurate

Make sure the information in the travel document is accurate, especially your personal information. If there are any errors, contact us immediately.

2. Sign your travel document

Sign your name using a black or blue ballpoint pen on the signature line on page 3.

Children under 16 should not sign their travel document. The signature line on page 3 should be left blank.

Do not sign anyone else’s travel document, including your child’s travel document. This makes it invalid.

3. Add your emergency contact information

We recommend you pick someone who does not normally travel with you to be your emergency contact.

Write their contact information in pencil so you can update it if you need to.

If your emergency contact changes

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