Apply for a travel document for non-Canadians: About the process

Natural hazards across Canada

Special measures are in place to help those affected by the recent wildfires and floods, including free replacement of passports, citizenship certificates, PR cards and immigration documents.

Refugee travel document and certificate of identity services are now available

Find out how to apply for regular or urgent service.

If you already applied and now need a travel document urgently, contact us.

Service standards

See how long it may take us to process your application under normal circumstances.

There are 2 types of travel documents non-Canadians can use when travelling:

  • refugee travel document
  • certificate of identity

The application form is the same for both types of travel documents.

They’re issued to

The issuing office decides how long your travel document is valid for.

You cannot use these travel documents to go to your country of citizenship.

You should contact the embassy of the country you plan to visit (opens in a new tab) to check if your travel document will be accepted.

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