Resources for designated employers

As a designated employer, these resources will:

Dedicated Service Channel 

The Dedicated Service Channel (DSC) supports designated employers in the Atlantic Immigration Program.

The DSC can help you:

Provinces will refer employers to the DSC after employers have received their designation.

The DSC doesn’t


Before becoming a designated organization, you need to complete these training courses:

Helping employees settle in Canada

Coming to a new country can be challenging. Review the infographic below to learn how you can support your newcomer employees settle in Canada.

AIP guide to support newcomer employees [PDF, 227 KB]

An employer’s guide to supporting the settlement of newcomer employees
Text version: An employer’s guide to supporting the settlement of newcomer employees

There are many ways you can support and retain your newcomer employees.

In addition to taking Intercultural Competency Training (ICT), you can…

  1. Encourage your staff to take ICT.
  2. Build social connections through mentoring and team building.
  3. Establish a workplace diversity and inclusion committee.

In addition to helping newcomers integrate by connecting them with a Service Provider Organization (SPO), you can…

  1. Help them find housing and feel at home.
  2. Help them with transportation:
    1. pick them up from the port-of-entry;
    2. help them get to work, using a local SPO and other essential services;
    3. give them public transit information.
  3. Refer them to key services in the community (i.e. health card and school registration)
  4. Connect them with local groups of interest.

In addition to facilitating/providing language training for newcomers whose official language is below a Canadian Language Benchmark level of 5, you can…

  1. Ensure all newcomer employees have access to the language assessment and training services they need.

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