Educational credential assessment (ECA) for Express Entry: How to get one for Express Entry

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Who can do your assessment

You must get your assessment from an organization or a professional body designated by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. They will give you a report that tells you what your education is equal to in Canada.

Processing times and costs may vary by organization or professional body.

Once you choose a designated organization or a professional body, they will tell you how to submit your documents to get your assessment. 

Designated organizations

You must use one of these designated organizations:

Choosing a designated organization based on your occupation

If you plan to work for a large employer or in a regulated occupation, you may need to have your assessment done by a specific designated organization. Check with your employer or the regulatory body for your occupation for more information.

Designated professional bodies

Specialists and family physicians (NOC 31100, NOC 31101 or NOC 31102)

You must get an ECA report for your primary medical diploma from the Medical Council of Canada if your primary occupation is

The Medical Council of Canada is a professional body for doctors designated on April 17, 2013. If you have a different primary occupation, another designated organization can do your assessment.

Pharmacists (NOC 31120)

The Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (professional body for pharmacists designated on January 6, 2014) must do your assessment if

For example, you would need a license if you were caring for patients in a:

If you’re in a position where you don’t need a license, one of the other designated organizations can assess your credentials. For example, you may not need a license to work in the pharmaceutical industry or in a government job where you need a pharmacy degree for the job, but don’t need a license to practice pharmacy.

Contact the regulatory body in the province where you plan to live to find out if you need a licence to practice your intended occupation.

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