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Not every application type is available in the IRCC secure account. To find out if you can use this account, check the instructions for your application.

We require multi-factor authentication for GCKey as of July 31, 2023

Since July 31, 2023, you need to set up multi-factor authentication if you’re

  • creating an account using GCKey
  • using GCKey to sign in to an existing account

Multi-factor authentication helps protect your identity and personal information when you access your account.

Delays with the status of your medical exam results
If we asked you for a medical exam after you applied

You may not see the status of your results updated right away.

  • Your results usually show up in your account within 30 days of the date you booked your exam.
  • It may take longer (for example, if we need more information from you).
If you got your medical exam before you applied (upfront medical exam)

You may not see the status of your results updated in your account until we finish processing your immigration application. We need time to

  • process your application
  • link the results to your application

Check the application processing time.

If we ask or if a panel physician asks you for additional medical information, tests or treatment

To avoid more delays, you must

  • go back to see the physician
  • complete the requirement before we can assess your medical exam

Don’t complete a new medical exam unless we instruct you to do so.

Your panel physician can explain how long it will take to complete additional testing or treatment.

Student Direct Stream: How to submit your language test results

We’re experiencing technical issues and some of the new language tests don’t appear as an option when you apply for the Student Direct Stream (SDS).

If you have a valid result for 1 of the new tests that were approved for SDS

To make sure your application is processed through SDS, follow the instructions below when you apply.

  • When asked if you’ve taken a language test in the past 2 years, select Yes – IELTS.
  • When asked if your test results were 6.0 or higher, select Yes.
  • When you upload your supporting documents, upload your valid test results in the field labelled Proof of IELTS language test results.

Applying for a study permit on or after December 1, 2023

On December 1, 2023, a new version of the study permit application form (IMM1294) will be available. If you’re applying through the IRCC secure account, this version must be used to submit study permit applications starting on this date. Applications submitted on or after December 1, 2023, that use the old version of the form will not be accepted.

This online service will be unavailable from 12:00 a.m. to 5:30 a.m. Friday, December 1, 2023 Eastern time, in order to perform system maintenance.

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