Extend your study permit: If you can’t apply online

You must apply online to extend your study permit, unless you’re eligible for an exemption that allows you to apply on paper.

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Who’s eligile to apply on paper

You can apply on paper if you qualify under one of the following exceptions:

Apply on paper to extend your study permit

Follow the steps below to apply on paper to extend your study permit.

Step 1: Get the application package

This package includes the application guide and all the forms you need to fill out.

Read the guide before you fill out the application form:

Tips for downloading and completing the forms

  • You can fill it out and save it using a computer.
  • You’ll need Adobe Reader 10 or higher.
  • You must also turn JavaScript on.
  • Filling out the form on a computer is easier than filling it out by hand.
  • Having trouble downloading the form? See, “How do I download and open a PDF form?

Step 2: Prepare your application package

If your study permit already expired

You need to restore your status as a student when you extend your study permit. On the application form select both:

  • An initial study permit or extension of study permit, and
  • Restoration of temporary resident status as a student

Explain how you lost your status and why you stayed in Canada longer than allowed. There’s no guarantee that we’ll accept your application. You can stay in Canada while we process your applications. You can’t study until we’ve restored your student status.

If your spouse, common-law partner or dependent children came with you to Canada, they may also need to restore their status.

Make sure you submit all the pages of the form.

  1. Click the “Validate” button at the top or bottom of the form.
    • This makes sure that you answered all the questions in the form and will help you avoid processing delays.
  2. A new page with barcodes and a signature line will automatically be added at the end of your form.
  3. Print, sign and date the form.
    • Print on white, bond-quality, non-glossy paper.
    • Use a laser printer.
  4. Place the barcode page at the top of your package. If you have more than one package, place a separate barcode page on each one.

Find out more about the barcode form.

Third party fees

Depending on your situation, you may need to pay third parties for:

If you need to use any of these services, you’ll pay these fees directly to the third party.

Step 3: Pay your application fees

In most cases, your fees will include processing fees for you and anyone you include on your application.

Our instruction guide can help you understand which fees apply to you and show you how to pay them.

Step 4: Submit your application

Submit your completed application to the address given in the application package. Make sure you include the fee receipt and all the necessary documents.

Alternate formats

If you can’t apply online or use the forms above because of a disability, you can ask for other formats including large print and braille. Contact the Client Support Centre (in Canada only) or submit a Web form for other formats.

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