Global Skills Strategy: Who is eligible

Labour market impact assessment (LMIA)-exempt workers

Processing delays for GSS applications

Processing times for GSS applications continue to be affected by

  • the number of the applications we've received while COVID-19 health and travel restrictions were in place, and
  • an increase in applications as health and travel restrictions in Canada and around the world were removed

It will probably take more than 2 weeks to process your GSS application. We're continuing to recover so we can return to our regular processing times.

Workers who are exempt from the labour market impact assessment (LMIA) qualify for 2-week processing of their work permit application if they meet all of these requirements:

Changes to the NOC

On November 16, 2022, we switched to the 2021 version of the NOC. If you submit an offer on or after that date, you’ll need to use the new version.

  • If your candidate submitted their work permit application before that date, they’ll still be processed under the 2016 version.
  • If they submit their application on or after that date, they need to make sure they’re still eligible under the new version.
  • The employer has submitted an offer of employment using the Employer Portal and paid the employer compliance fee.

International Experience Canada applicants are not eligible for 2-week processing.

Workers who require an LMIA

Workers who require an LMIA qualify for 2-week processing if they meet all of these requirements:

  • They're applying from outside Canada.
  • The employer has a positive LMIA through the Global Talent Stream of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (this is on the LMIA decision letter).

Spouses and dependants

Workers' spouse or common-law partner and dependent children are also eligible for 2-week processing of applications. This applies to applications for the following:

  • visitor visa
  • work permit
  • study permit

Spouses, common-law partners and dependent children must submit a complete application and apply at the same time as the worker.

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