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Find out if you’re eligible

See eligibility by country and category.

Who can participate

To participate in International Experience Canada (IEC), your country or territory of citizenship must have a youth mobility agreement with Canada.

You can’t participate in IEC if you’ve been issued a refugee travel document, no matter which country issued the document.

In some cases, certain IEC recognized organizations (RO) can help small numbers of youth from non-partner countries to participate in IEC. Learn more about working and travelling in Canada using an RO.

How many times you can participate

Some countries only allow you to participate once. Others allow you to participate twice, but in different categories. Because each country is different, it’s important that you check to see if you’re eligible to apply.

You can’t participate more times than your country allows, even if you’re issued an invitation to apply. An officer will assess your eligibility (including past participations) after you submit your application.

Your participation is only counted when you enter Canada and get your work permit.

Make sure you read and understand all the requirements before you submit an application.

How your family members can come to Canada

Your family members can’t come with you to Canada under the IEC program. However, they can apply to work, visit or study in Canada on their own. We’ll look at each application separately.

Work in Canada

If your family member wants to work in Canada, they have the following 2 options:

Option 1: Apply separately for IEC

Your family member can submit their own profile to the IEC program. They must meet the requirements and follow the application steps if they’re invited to apply for a work permit.

Create an IEC profile

Option 2: Apply for a work permit outside of IEC

Family members of some foreign workers may be able to apply for an open work permit. An open work permit lets you work for most employers in Canada. Your family member can only apply for an open work permit after you’re approved as an IEC participant. Make sure they’re eligible before they submit an application.

Learn more about open work permits

In other cases, your family member may need to apply for an employer-specific work permit. An employer-specific work permit allows an employer to hire someone for a specific job.

Learn more about employer-specific work permits

Minimum age to work

Before your dependent children work in Canada, check the minimum age required to work in the province or territory and in the job type they plan to work in. Canadian employers must follow provincial labour laws.

Open work permit holders must also meet federal, provincial or territorial labour laws.

Visit or study in Canada

Your family member may choose to apply to come to Canada to visit or study.

Visit Canada

Most people need a visitor visa or an electronic travel authorization (eTA) to travel to Canada. What you need depends on your passport or travel document and how you plan to enter Canada.

Most visitors can stay for up to 6 months in Canada.

Find out if you need a visa or an eTA

Study in Canada

The study permit is a document we issue that lets you study at a designated learning institution in Canada. Most people need a study permit to study in Canada for longer than 6 months.

Find out if you need a study permit

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