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About the process

If you have a work permit that’s about to expire or that you need to change, you must apply to extend it or change the conditions on it.

You should apply to extend your work permit at least 30 days before your current permit expires.

Quebec investors: Extend your open work permit

Maintain your status

If you apply to extend or change the conditions of your work permit before it expires, you’re legally allowed to stay in Canada while we process your application.

While you’re on maintained status, you won’t be able to renew documents issued by your province or territory such as your

  • driver’s licence
  • health card

You also can’t get a social insurance number (SIN) card.

Make sure your documents are valid before your work permit expires.

If your work permit expires while we process your application, find out if you can keep working.

Date and time we receive your application

To maintain your status, we must receive your application before your work permit expires. We determine the date and time an application is received 2 ways:

  1. If you apply online: You must submit your application before midnight coordinated universal time (UTC) on the day your work permit expires.
    • Our online application system uses UTC.
    • Make sure you know the difference between your local time and UTC.
  2. If you apply on paper: We stamp paper applications the day we receive them at the case processing centre.
    • If we receive an application after your work permit expires, we’ll count back 7 days and use that as the date received.

Check the expiry date on your passport

You can’t extend your work permit beyond the expiry date of your passport. Make sure your passport won’t expire before the requested end date of your permit.

If you don’t have a work permit

If you want to work in Canada temporarily, find out what you need to do.

If you want to stay in Canada permanently

You must qualify under one of the permanent resident categories.

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