What Happens When You Contact the Ombudsman's Office?


Have you ever wondered what happens when you contact the Ombudsman’s Office?

The first person you’ll speak to is an Intake Officer. The Intake Officer will collect basic information from you – such as your name, your contact information – as well as your question or concern.

It’s important to remember that any information you share with our Office is confidential. We will not discuss your issue with anyone outside of our Office unless you sign a confidentiality waiver.

The Intake Officer will listen to your question or concern and will determine whether your issue falls within our mandate. He or she will also consider whether there are compelling circumstances that require us to intervene immediately.

After taking down the details of your issue or complaint, the Intake Officer will:

  • Provide you with information or guidance;
  • Refer you to the most appropriate person or organization that can help you;
  • Or forward your issue to an Ombudsman complaint analyst or investigator for further assessment, if necessary.

To speak to one of our Intake Officers, you can call our toll free number. You can e-mail us , or you can fill out our secure online complaint form located on our Website.

Our Intake Officers are standing by to help.


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