The Three Phases of Medical Release


If you are being medically released, your transition to civilian life will take place over several weeks, months or years.

This can be a difficult time because there are many steps and key players involved. To assist you, we have outlined the three “phases” of transition (Continuum of Transition Services – House of Commons Report of the Standing Committee on Veterans Affairs – June 2015 appears on screen) :

  • Phase 1 covers the period of time between your injury or illness and the administrative decision that you will be medically released.
  • Phase 2 is the period of time between your receipt of the medical release decision and your actual release date.
  • And Phase 3 is the period of time between your release date and two years post-release.

Each of these phases involves its own key events, steps and resources, which we have laid out in a reference tool called Your Transition to Civilian Life – The Three Phases of Medical Release.

This tool is meant to support you by pointing out actions or services that you may not have considered.

For example: Did you know that medically released members are eligible for priority hiring in the Federal Public Service? All you have to do is activate your priority status within five years of being released.

Or, did you know that your pension payments don’t start immediately after your release?

In our reference tool, we have identified multiple contacts that will be able to assist you and your family. We also recommend that you keep your chain of command informed throughout this process.

If you encounter any issues, the National Defence and Canadian Forces Ombudsman and Veterans Ombudsman are always ready to help.

(Contact for both offices appear on screen):

National Defence and Canadian Forces Ombudsman

Veterans Ombudsman

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