Determining Service Attribution for Medically Releasing Members

May 2016

Each year, approximately 5500 members release from the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF).  Of that number, over 1500 are released for medical reasons. Generally, the process of release from the CAF is lengthy. For CAF members who are medically releasing and/or are ill or injured, the process is further fraught with the challenges of their individual struggles.

Progress report on the status of recommendations

July 2018

  •  1 Recommendations made
  •   1 Recommendation Not Accepted

Progress report definitions

Recommendation 1

We recommend that the CAF determine whether an illness or injury is caused or aggravated by that member’s military service and that the CAF’s determination be presumed by VAC to be sufficient evidence to support an application for benefits.

Recommendation 1 status:  Not Accepted  Not implemented

For further details read the Ombudsman Message.

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