Targeted Regulatory Review

Following the recommendations of the Advisory Council on Economic Growth, and recognizing the importance of ensuring that regulatory frameworks remain effective and relevant, the Government of Canada announced in Budget 2018 that it would fund over three years "targeted reviews of regulatory requirements and practices that are bottlenecks to economic growth and innovation." The first round of targeted Regulatory Reviews focused on three high-growth sectors:

A central feature of the Regulatory Reviews is stakeholder engagement. In partnership with departments and agencies, the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat led national engagement efforts with businesses, Canadians, academia, and other stakeholders. This included Canada Gazette consultations, in which stakeholders were asked to provide feedback on ways to enable regulations to be more agile, transparent, and responsive resulting in benefits for all Canadians.

Agri-food and Aquaculture Roadmap

Agriculture and Agri-food Canada, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Health Canada, and the Public Health Agency of Canada participated in the Regulatory Review focused on the Agri-food and Aquaculture sector. Based on feedback from stakeholder engagement, the departments and agencies drafted a Sectoral Regulatory Roadmap to address issues raised.

The Agri-food and Aquaculture Regulatory Review Roadmap lays out a regulatory modernization plan in support of innovation and economic growth in the agri-food and aquaculture sector. In addition to existing resources from implicated regulatory departments and agencies, the Government has identified proposed legislative and regulatory changes, as well as additional funding to move forward on the Regulatory Roadmaps. This includes an additional $53.6 million over five years, starting in 2019-20, through Budget 2019, in support of the implementation of initiatives from the Agri-food and Aquaculture Regulatory Roadmap.

Click here to see the full Agri-food and Aquaculture Regulatory Roadmap. This Roadmap identifies a suite of initiatives, and proposed timelines (as of May 2019), to advance regulatory modernization in the agri-food and aquaculture sector.

For further details and the latest information on proposed regulatory changes, please go to the following Forward Regulatory Plan:

For further details and the latest information on proposed policy, program and novel approaches, go to Regulatory Review Policy, Program and Novel Approaches.

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