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Framework for Diabetes in Canada

The Framework for Diabetes in Canada was released by the federal Minister of Health in October 2022, in accordance with the National Framework for Diabetes Act.

The Framework aims to provide a common direction for collaborative action to:

The Framework identifies several principles and components to recognize opportunities to support those living with diabetes and improve health outcomes. The principles emphasize the importance of:

  1. addressing health equity
  2. applying a person-centred approach
  3. differentiating between types of diabetes
  4. supporting innovation
  5. promoting leadership, collaboration and information exchange

The Framework is made up of 6 interdependent and interconnected components that represent areas for opportunities to advance efforts on diabetes:

  1. Prevention
  2. Management, treatment and care
  3. Research
  4. Surveillance and data collection
  5. Learning and knowledge sharing
  6. Access to diabetes devices, medicines and financial supports

These principles and components were derived from and build on what we heard from people in Canada throughout our engagement process on diabetes. We engaged many different people and groups from diverse sectors to:

Engagement activities included:

We also considered existing strategies and frameworks addressing diabetes and chronic diseases in Canada and abroad as we developed the framework.

Development of the Framework also included guidance from:

We also developed a Framework infographic to summarize our findings.

We included Indigenous Peoples and organizations in the engagement process to inform the framework. As a result, the National Indigenous Diabetes Association is undertaking a national Indigenous-led engagement process with Indigenous Peoples, communities and organizations to:

This more extensive engagement approach aims to capture the unique interests, circumstances and perspectives of First Nations, Inuit and Métis while recognizing the principles of reconciliation and the right to self-determination.

We recognize that diabetes is a complex disease, and there is still work to do to ensure better health outcomes for people living with diabetes in Canada.

We invite all sectors to use the Framework to address diabetes and advance opportunities in ways that:

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Diabetes funding

In 2021, the Government of Canada committed $25 million over 5 years for:

Of this investment, $15 million is going towards the renewal of the Partnership to Defeat Diabetes between the Canadian Institute of Health Research and JDRF (formerly known as the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation). The foundation and its donors are providing an additional investment of $15 million to jointly fund a total of $30 million in type 1 diabetes research.

We've also invested an additional $10 million over 5 years for a new Diabetes Prevention Challenge, which will help to:

Type 2 diabetes challenge (Impact Canada)

We invest about $20 million each year through the Healthy Canadians and Communities Fund. This goes towards improving healthy living behaviours among people living in Canada by encouraging:

The fund promotes these behaviours among populations at greater risk of chronic diseases, such as diabetes. Funded projects focus on:

Healthy Canadians and Communities Fund

We recognize that different partners and sectors must work together to improve health and the conditions that shape it, including health equity and wellbeing. The Intersectoral Action Fund supports communities by funding projects that:

Intersectoral Action Fund

Other diabetes activities

We recognize the importance of helping people in Canada reduce the risk of chronic diseases, including diabetes. That's why we're committed to working with partners to:

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