The facts about COVID-19 vaccines

Vaccination is one of the most effective ways to protect your health. Evidence shows that the COVID-19 vaccines used in Canada are very effective at preventing severe illness, hospitalization and death.

It's important to keep up to date on the vaccinations recommended for you, including booster doses. Over time, protection from COVID-19 vaccines will decrease. A booster reminds your immune system how to protect itself and helps improve vaccine effectiveness against severe illness.

While previous COVID-19 infection can provide some protection, up-to-date vaccination including booster doses is still recommended to provide longer-lasting protection and better effectiveness. Contact your health care provider or local public health authority for more information about the best time to be vaccinated after infection.

Post COVID-19 condition refers to the longer-term effects some people experience after their COVID-19 infection. We don't know what causes post COVID-19 condition, so the best way to prevent it is to take measures to avoid getting COVID-19, like getting vaccinated and following public health measures.

Approving vaccines

Manufacturers rigorously test COVID-19 vaccines during their development. Health Canada then carefully reviews each one.

Vaccines are only approved for use in Canada if tests meet the strict safety, effectiveness and quality standards of Health Canada. Health authorities continue to closely monitor COVID-19 vaccines once they are approved to help ensure their safe use.

Types of vaccines

mRNA vaccines are the recommended vaccines for most people in Canada.

This type of vaccine provides the information your cells need to make a coronavirus protein. The protein triggers the body's immune response to help protect against getting infected with the virus that causes COVID-19, and from becoming severely ill. While vaccination reduces the chances of COVID-19 infection, you can still get infected even after COVID-19 vaccination.

If you are unable to receive an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine, Canada has also approved other types of COVID-19 vaccines, including:

Speak to a health care provider or public health authority about whether other vaccine options would be right for you.

Continue to layer individual public health measures

Vaccines and individual public health measures continue to be important to help protect your health and the health of others, especially those at risk of severe outcomes from COVID-19. These measures are most effective when layered together, including staying home when sick, wearing a respirator or mask, and improving indoor ventilation.

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