Vibriosis (infection with Vibrio): Prevention and risks

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How vibriosis spreads

Vibrio live in marine coastal waters and estuaries (where rivers meet the sea). When fish and shellfish in these waters ingest the bacteria, their meat can become contaminated.

You can get infected by:

Preventing vibriosis

It can be hard to prevent vibriosis because contaminated foods and water may look, smell and taste normal.

You can prevent vibriosis by:

Risks of getting vibriosis

The risk is highest if you:

Outbreaks of Vibrio in Canada have been associated with eating raw or undercooked shellfish, particularly oysters. The risk may be higher between May and October when water temperatures are warmer.

Who is most at risk

Anyone can get vibriosis. However, you're at greater risk of infection and severe illness if you have:

Recommendations for travellers

In addition to the general recommendations that apply to everybody, travellers should only drink treated or boiled water from a safe source, or from a commercially sealed bottle.

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