CCDR: Volume 40-19, December 18, 2014: Hepatitis C


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In this issue explore what we know about the Hepatitis C virus (HCV) in Canada. Since 1998, Canadian rates of reported HCV cases have declined over 50%, but certain populations remain at risk. An estimated 1% of people have been exposed to Hepatitis C in Canada. In our Useful Links section, find some good resources on Hepatitis C available from the Public Health Agency of Canada and see a recent summary on what is known about a new Hepatitis E vaccine currently under development. And for something completely different, see our Infectious Disease News Brief section to learn about the growth of "Big Data" and how this is being applied to infectious disease tracking.

Table of contents

Hepatitis C surveillance in Canada
Payne E, Totten S, Archibald C

Estimated prevalence of Hepatitis C virus infection in Canada, 2011
Trubnikov M, Yan P, Archibald C

Distribution of Hepatitis C virus genotypes among newly acquired HCV infections in British Columbia (2000-2013)
Andonov A, Lin L, McGuinness L, Krajden M

ID News Briefs
Big Data

Upcoming webinar
January 15, 2015, 1 pm EST: 2014 HIV & AIDS in Canada: Surveillance Reports to December 2013

Useful link
Public Health Agency of Canada. Frequently Asked Questions about Hepatitis C

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