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Pertussis is one of the most common vaccine preventable diseases in Canada. Many have assumed we have conquered this disease with pertussis vaccine. Not yet. Find out what has happened recently with pertussis outbreaks in two provinces in Canada, how Canadian disease trends compare to global trends, and what recommendations are in place to control this re-emerging disease.

Table of contents

Surveillance and Outbreak Reports
Pertussis Surveillance in Canada: Trends to 2012
Smith T, Rotondo J, Desai S, Deehan H

Pertussis Surveillance Trends in British Columbia, Canada, over a 20-year Period: 1993-2013
Chambers C, Skowronski DM, Hoang L, Guiyun Li H, Fritz CE, Gustafson R, Murti M, Reid A, Parker R, Bowering D

Prolonged pertussis outbreak in Ontario originating in an under-immunized religious community
Deeks SL, Lim GH, Walton R, Fediurek J, Lam F, Walker C, Walters J, Crowcroft N

A Survey of Pertussis Surveillance and Immunization Practices in Canada, 2012
Desai S, Smith T, Deehan H

Pertussis: a global perspective
Halperin SA

What's new
Skowronski DM, Chambers C, Sabaiduc S, De Serres G, Dickinson JA, Winter AL, Fonseca K, Gubbay JB, Charest H, Petric M, Krajden M, Mahmud SM, Van Caeseele P, Kwindt TL, Eshaghi A, Bastien N, Li Y. Interim estimates of 2013/14 vaccine effectiveness against influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 from Canada's sentinel surveillance network, January 2014. Euro Surveill. 2014;19(5):pii=20690.

Zhao H, Green H, Lackenby A, Donati M, Ellis J, Thompson C, Bermingham A, Field J, SebastianPillai P, Zambon M, Watson JM, Pebody R. A new laboratory-based surveillance system (Respiratory DataMart System) for influenza and other respiratory viruses in England: results and experience from 2009 to 2012. Euro Surveill. 2014;19(3):pii=20680.

Price D, Chan D, Greaves N. Physician surveillance of influenza: Collaboration between primary care and public health. Canadian Family Physician. January 2014; 60 (1) e7-e15

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Public Health Agency of Canada: Canadian Immunization Guide (Pertussis)
Public Health Agency of Canada: Pertussis

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