CCDR: Volume 48-2/3, February/March 2022: Syphilis Resurgence in Canada


Table of contents

Rising syphilis rates in Canada, 2011–2020
J Aho, C Lybeck, A Tetteh, C Issa, F Kouyoumdjian, J Wong, A Anderson, N Popovic

Outcomes of infectious syphilis in pregnant patients and maternal factors associated with congenital syphilis diagnosis, Alberta, 2017–2020
J Gratrix, J Karwacki, L Eagle, L Rathjen, A Singh, A Chu, P Smyczek

Characterizing female infectious syphilis cases in British Columbia to identify opportunities for optimization of care
K Willemsma, L Barton, R Stimpson, I Pickell, V Ryan, A Yu, A Pederson, G Ogilvie, T Grennan, J Wong

Syphilis in Ottawa: An evolving epidemic
L Orser, P MacPherson, P O'Byrne

Laboratory evaluation of two point-of-care test kits for the identification of infectious syphilis
RSW Tsang, M Shuel, K Hayden, P Van Caeseele, D Stein

Congenital syphilis re-emergence in Winnipeg, Manitoba
P Benoit, L Tennenhouse, A Lapple, G Hill-Carroll, S Shaw, J Bullard, P Plourde

Rapid Communication
A descriptive study of syphilis testing in Manitoba, Canada, 2015–2019
S Shaw, P Plourde, P Klassen, D Stein

Lessons from management of syphilis in Nunavut, Canada, 2012–2020
AE Singh, K Kulleperuma, J Begin, J DeGuzman, D Sammurtok, O Anoee, T Koonoo, J Pawa

Exploring management of antenatally diagnosed fetal syphilis infection
M Rosenthal, V Poliquin

Delayed diagnosis of maternal and congenital syphilis: An unrecognized epidemic?
Z Dionisopoulos, F Kakkar, AC Blanchard

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