Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention in Canada, Volume 40, No 5/6, May/June 2020

Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention in Canada

Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention in Canada: Volume 40, No 5/6, May/June 2020

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The PDF version of this issue has been updated on January 13, 2021, to reflect the authorship change in the Paradis et al. article “What popular bars post on social media platforms: a case for improved alcohol advertising regulation” outlined in the corrigendum. The original PDF version of the issue is available upon request to the editorial team.

Volume 40 · Number 5/6 · May/June 2020

Special Issue:
Exploring substance use in Canada: Trends and emerging issues in public health

Guest Editors: Tim Stockwell, Cecilia Benoit, Kiffer Card and Adam Sherk

Table of Contents

  1. Commentary – Problematic substance use or problematic substance use policies?
    Tim Stockwell, Cecilia Benoit, Kiffer Card, Adam Sherk
  2. At-a-glance – The alcohol deficit: Canadian government revenue and societal costs from alcohol
    Adam Sherk
  3. Original quantitative research – What popular bars post on social media platforms: a case for improved alcohol advertising regulation
    Catherine Paradis, Jinhui Zhao, Tim Stockwell
  4. Original quantitative research – How many alcohol-attributable deaths and hospital admissions could be prevented by alternative pricing and taxation policies? Modelling impacts on alcohol consumption, revenues and related harms in Canada
    Tim Stockwell, Samuel Churchill, Adam Sherk, Justin Sorge, Paul Gruenewald
  5. Original quantitative research – Drinking patterns, alcohol-related harm and views on policies: results from a pilot of the International Alcohol Control Study in Canada
    Mark van der Maas, Norman Giesbrecht, Gina Stoduto, Heather Orpana, Robert Geneau, Robert Mann
  6. Original quantitative research – Psychotic disorder and cannabis use: Canadian hospitalization trends, 2006–2015
    Bridget Maloney-Hall, Sarah C. Wallingford, Sarah Konefal, Matthew M. Young
  7. Original quantitative research – Surveillance from the high ground: sentinel surveillance of injuries and poisonings associated with cannabis
    André S. Champagne, Steven R. McFaull, Wendy Thompson, Felix Bang
  8. Original quantitative research – Setting the baseline: a description of cannabis poisonings at a Canadian pediatric hospital prior to the legalization of recreational cannabis
    Phoebe Cheng, Atousa Zargaran, Fahra Rajabali, Kate Turcotte, Shelina Babul
  9. Original quantitative research – Autonomy, competence and relatedness and cannabis and alcohol use among youth in Canada: a cross-sectional analysis
    Aganeta Enns, Heather Orpana
  10. Open call for papers: COVID-19 pandemic
  11. Other PHAC publications

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