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About the assessment

The Manager Remote Assessment is administered remotely by the Public Service Commission of Canada on behalf of hiring departments and agencies.

  • To assess the candidate’s managerial abilities based on the competencies defined under the Competencies assessed tab 
  • To select candidates for manager positions
Assessment overview

Assessment tools

  • The assessment consists of a structured interview and a role play
  • The interview contains 1 behavioural question and 4 situational questions
    • The behavioural question asks candidates to respond using an example from the past
    • The situational questions present a hypothetical situation, and candidates are asked to respond to it
  • In the role play, candidates interact with a member of the assessment board on issues related to a hypothetical situation

Assessment process

  • The assessment is conducted through videoconferencing, and lasts 155 minutes in total, including:
    • 40 minutes for a structured interview, in addition to 45 minutes to prepare
    • 10-minute break
    • 10 minutes to prepare for the role play
    • 15 minutes maximum for the role play 
Competencies assessed

Create vision and strategy

Leaders define the future and chart a path forward. They are adept at understanding and communicating context, factoring in the economic, social and political environment. Intellectually agile, they leverage their deep and broad knowledge, build on diverse ideas and perspectives and create consensus around compelling visions. Leaders balance organizational and government-wide priorities and improve outcomes for Canada and Canadians.

Mobilize people

Leaders inspire and motivate the people they lead. They lead by example, setting goals for themselves that are more demanding than those that they set for others.

Developing others

Leaders manage performance, provide constructive and respectful feedback to encourage and enable performance excellence.

Uphold integrity and respect

Leaders exemplify ethical practices, professionalism and personal integrity. They create respectful and trusting work environments where sound advice is valued. They encourage the expression of diverse opinions and perspectives, while fostering collegiality. Leaders are self-aware and seek out opportunities for personal growth.

Collaborate with partners and stakeholders

Leaders are deliberate and resourceful about seeking the widest possible range of perspectives. They demonstrate openness and flexibility to forge consensus and improve outcomes. They bring a whole-of-government perspective to their interactions. In negotiating solutions, they are open to alternatives and skillful at managing expectations. Leaders share recognition with their teams and partners.

Promote innovation and guide change

Leaders have the courage and resilience to challenge convention. They create an environment that supports bold thinking, experimentation and intelligent risk taking. They use setbacks as a valuable source of insight and learning. Leaders take change in their stride, aligning and adjusting milestones and targets to maintain forward momentum.

Achieve results

Leaders mobilize and manage resources to deliver on the priorities of the government, improve outcomes and add value. They consider context, risks and business intelligence to support high-quality and timely decisions. They anticipate, plan, monitor progress and adjust as needed. Leaders take personal responsibility for their actions and outcomes of their decisions.


Leaders present and discuss concepts and issues in a clear, concise and effective manner.


The board members assess candidates on the competencies. Ratings are made using a 5-point scale. 

Preparing for the assessment

This section provides information on preparing for the assessment, including accommodation measures, a checklist for the assessment day and information about privacy and cheating.

Accommodation measures

We want to make sure you have the support you need to fully demonstrate your abilities.

Accommodation measures during an assessment can be tailored to each situation. They can include working with sign language interpreters or reader services, and using alternative formats, technical support or attendant services.

If you think that accommodation measures could make this assessment more accessible to you, please notify the person in charge of the hiring process as soon as possible. Look for their contact information at the bottom of the job poster or in the email inviting you to the assessment.

Learn more about testing accommodation measures.

How to prepare

The Manager Remote Assessment requires no specialized or technical training, knowledge or experience, so you cannot study for it directly. The best way to prepare is to familiarize yourself with the competencies and reflect on how you have demonstrated them in the past, as well as how you would demonstrate them on the job as a manager.

You’ll need access to a reliable internet connection and an electronic device (desktop computer, laptop, or tablet) with a functional webcam. You’ll also need a space for the assessment. If these are not available, other options are possible. For example, you could use a phone, and work out of a government office or a library. 

Assessment day checklist
  • Have one piece of identification that includes your signature and photo, and if you’re a public servant, also have your Personal Record Identifier (PRI)
  • Ensure you will be alone in a closed room for approximately 3 hours without interruption
  • Ensure your connection to the network is reliable
  • Ensure you have direct access to your email on the day of the assessment to receive the test material
  • During the assessment, use headphones to eliminate background noise
  • You are not permitted to access any additional files on your computer or information on the internet
Privacy and cheating

The following policies apply to you. Please read them carefully and be sure that you understand them before you take the test:

Privacy notice statement

Personal information is used to provide assessment services to clients of the Personnel Psychology Centre. It is collected for staffing-related purposes, in accordance with sections 11, 30 and 36 of the Public Service Employment Act. For departments and agencies not subject to this act, personal information is collected under the authority of their enabling statute and section 35 of the act. Second language evaluation results will be disclosed to authorized departmental officials. Results of all other tests will be disclosed only to the requesting department or agency. Test results may be disclosed to the Investigations Directorate of the Public Service Commission if an investigation is conducted pursuant to section 66 or 69 of the act. Your information may also be used for statistical and analytical research purposes. In some cases, information may be disclosed without your consent, pursuant to section 8(2) of the Privacy Act. Providing your personal information is voluntary, but if you choose not to provide it, you may not be able to receive Personnel Psychology Centre services.

The information is collected and used as described in the Personnel Psychology Centre’s (PSC PCU 025) Personal Information Bank, found in the Public Service Commission’s Info Source.

You have the right to access and correct your personal information, and to request corrections where you believe there is an error or omission. You also have the right to file a complaint to the Privacy Commissioner of Canada about the handling of your personal information.


Cheating and failure to follow test instructions

All cases of suspected cheating will be referred to the hiring manager and the Personnel Psychology Centre, who may take required action, if necessary. Suspected cheating or failure to follow test instructions may result in your test being invalidated and may be investigated under the Public Service Employment Act. A finding of fraud may be punishable on summary conviction, or may be referred to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Unauthorized reproduction or disclosure of test content

All test material is designated Protected B. Reproduction or recording in any form of the content of this test is forbidden. When the test is over, all related material, including rough notes and printed copies, must be destroyed permanently. Unauthorized reproduction, recording, disclosure or use of test content is in contravention of the Policy on Government Security and may be subject to investigation for fraud under the Public Service Employment Act.

After the assessment

This section provides information about assessment results and the retest period.

Assessment results

The hiring department or agency is responsible for communicating the results to candidates, and the information is stored in the staffing file. 

Retest period

There is no retest period for this assessment since the results are process-specific and cannot be transferred to other appointment processes.

Contact us

If you’re a candidate and you need more information that is not available on these pages, please contact the person who invited you to the assessment.

If you’re a hiring manager or human resource professional, for more information on this test, please contact the Personnel Psychology Centre by email at

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