Practice exercise (MMSE-840)

The following pages contain an example of basic information, instructions and a situation similar to those in the Middle Management Situational Exercise (MMSE-840). Note that the real exercise includes considerably more general information and more detail about the organization's structure and activities.

Basic information and instructions for candidates:

  • You are the manager of the Family Services Agency's Status of Women Programs in the Eastern region.
  • You report to the Director of the Eastern region.
  • Three supervisors report to you: the supervisors of the Equality of Women sector, the Spousal Violence sector, and the Women's Entrepreneurship sector.
  • For each question, you must choose one or two options that best reflect how you would handle the situation. You must then consult the list of employees of the Family Services Agency to identify the stakeholder or stakeholders with whom you would communicate.

List of employees and stakeholders:

Name Title Code
Nicole Sioui Director General, Eastern region 127
Martin Levasseur Director, Eastern region 569
Candidate Manager, Status of Women Programs, Eastern Region 96
Chantale Desaultèles Supervisor, Women's Entrepreneurship sector 1
Maria Webson Supervisor, Equality of Women sector 24
Irena Wong Supervisor, Spousal Violence sector 35

Situation 1 (example)


Date: April 24, 2025
Time: 9:45 a.m.


Martin Levasseur, Director
To: Candidate, Manager, Status of Women Programs, Eastern Region
Subject: Appointment of Laurent Duchatel to the Status of Women Programs

Please note that Laurent Duchatel from Child Welfare Programs will be deployed to our directorate, as of April 30, 2025. In order to avoid having to move his family, it was decided that this new employee would join your team under the supervision of Chantale Desaultèles.

Laurent has had performance difficulties for the past two years. His performance evaluations indicate that his lack of motivation at work and gaps in his management skills explain in part, his difficulty in completing his duties in a satisfactory manner. I will co-operate with you fully in taking on this challenge.

Martin Levasseur

Type 1: Questions with only one answer

Question 1

From the statements below, choose the action that represents the best way to deal with the situation.

  1. You arrange a meeting with Laurent to welcome him. You tell him that you are aware of the problems he has had in the past and that you hope everything will go well in his new work environment.
  2. You arrange a meeting with Chantale Desaultèles to inform her that Laurent is coming. You tell her about his past and ask her to pay particular attention to his performance.
  3. You tell the Director that you are refusing this problem employee because you already have your share of problem cases.
  4. You tell the employees on your team about the arrival of this new employee and ask them to welcome him and treat him respectfully.
  5. You ask Chantale Desaultèles to develop a coaching and supervision plan for this employee.
  6. You arrange a meeting with the previous supervisor to obtain more information about Laurent Duchatel's situation.


question 1 answer 2

The correct answer is 2

Type 2: Questions with two answers

Question 2

Choose the two actions that represent the best way to deal with the situation, should problems with Mr. Duchatel persist.

  1. You organize a meeting with your director and the DG to explain that the deployment of employees experiencing problems from one directorate to another solves nothing.
  2. You ask Chantale Desaultèles to create a coaching plan for the employee and to monitor him closely.
  3. You speak to a career counsellor about how to manage employees experiencing performance problems.
  4. You consult Labour Relations for information on what action to take with employees experiencing performance problems.
  5. Through workshops, recommended reading and information sessions, you make the staff aware of the difficulties experienced by employees with performance problems and the importance of maintaining an atmosphere of trust and respect, so that they can overcome their problems.
  6. You form a working group with other managers from the Agency to discuss performance problems.


question 2 answer 2 and 6

The correct answer is 2 and 6

Type 3: Questions with several answers where the choices are codes that represent stakeholders.

(use the “List of Employees” to find the code numbers)

Question 3

Suppose that you respond to Martin Levasseur. Identify a resource you will contact to move the situation forward as effectively as possible.


question 3 answer 1

The correct answer is 1

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