Middle Management Situational Exercise (MMSE – 840)

As of June 30, 2023, this test will no longer be available. 

Appointment processes requiring an assessment of key managerial competencies required for middle-management level positions can make use of the Manager Remote Assessment (557).

Note: Results from this test (MMSE-840) are not transferable to new appointment processes using the Manager Remote Assessment (557).


The Middle Management Situational Exercise (MMSE-840) is designed to assess the general ability to manage. The information yielded on managerial ability is useful in assessing candidates for management positions.

What competencies are assessed?

The MMSE-840 evaluates the ability to manage, and results are expressed in terms of a global score. The ability to manage includes elements of values and ethics, strategic thinking, engagement and management excellence.

How does the MMSE-840 work?

The MMSE-840 simulates some of the important aspects of a management position. As part of the exercise, candidates are asked to carry out the duties of a manager in a fictitious organization of the Public Service of Canada.

At the time of the assessment, candidates receive:

  • background information, such as the administrative structure and an organizational chart
  • situational exercises (e.g., e-mails and a fax) that deal with issues and problems typically encountered by managers.

The whole exercise takes three and a half hours, including the time needed for administration. During this time, candidates must:

  • review the background information;
  • study the situational exercises;
  • select answers that best reflect their decisions and recommended actions; and
  • identify the stakeholders who need to be contacted.

NOTE: If you require assessment accommodations, please notify the responsible human resources advisor well in advance of the testing date so that appropriate arrangements can be made.


The candidate is awarded a single global score, which represents the ability to manage. The global score can range from 0 to 401. Managers can set the pass mark according to the level of ability required for the position. To set the pass mark, managers should consult the PPC's “Guidelines for Using the Middle Management Situational Exercise”.

Communication of results

The Public Service Commission's Personnel Psychology Centre is responsible for scoring the Middle Management Situational Exercise. The result is sent to the responsible human resources advisor, who then forwards it to the candidate. The MMSE-840 is a standardized test and was designed to be used for staffing purposes. Information on the candidate's performance is limited to one global score on general management ability. No further information or feedback will be provided.

Retest period

There is a 180 day waiting period before you can rewrite the test. You may not retake it until the retest period has elapsed. If you rewrite the test before the retest period has elapsed, your result will not be valid and a new retest period will be imposed from the most recent test date.

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