Procurement support for businesses

How familiar are you with selling to the government? Find the resources and services available to support your business, including a procurement-related event calendar, workshops, seminars and other resources for businesses interested in selling goods and services to government.

Services and information

Understand the federal procurement process

Learn the basics of procurement to help you decide if selling to the government is an avenue you may want to pursue

Discover how to prepare to sell to the government

Learn how to take steps towards becoming a supplier for the government

Learn about searching for opportunities

Learn how to find opportunities suited to your business

Find out how to bid on opportunities

Learn how to prepare and submit a bid, how to fulfill bidding requirements, how bids are evaluated and what makes a competitive bid

Find an event

Learn about the procurement process and how to sell goods and services to the Government of Canada by attending a free seminar or business event

Get assistance with procurement

Get personalized assistance to help you understand the federal procurement process and how to register for a procurement business number

About Procurement Assistance Canada

The Government of Canada wants to help smaller and diverse businesses sell to the government.

Procurement Assistance Canada, as part of Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC), is here to make it easier for smaller and diverse businesses to bid on federal contracting opportunities.

We do that by:

  • Finding out what stops them from submitting a bid
  • Advising government buyers and policy-makers on the concerns of smaller and diverse businesses
  • Suggesting ways to make tools and processes better so that it's easier for smaller and diverse businesses to compete for contracts

Read our stories to learn more about how we help businesses:

Video: Meet Procurement Assistance Canada

Procurement Assistance Canada: Helping you with federal procurement.

We offer free seminars, resources and personalized assistance to businesses.

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