Conduct Appeals - Quick Reference Index

Subject and Case Numbers for Conduct Appeals
Subject Case Number

Appeal Procedure

  • Admissibility of New Evidence
C-013, C-045, C-052, C-067, C-068, C-073
  • Admissibility of Ground Appeal
  • Admissibility of the Respondent's Submissions on Merits
  • Service of Record of Decision
  • Timeliness of Appeal
C-046, C-065, C-069

Charter of Rights and Freedoms

  • Exclusion of Evidence
C-053, C-072

Conduct Board Appeal

C-040, C-042, C-043, C-045C-047, C-048, C-049, C-053, C-054, C-055, C-058, C-059, C-061, C-066

Conduct Measure Appeal

  • Conduct Authority Appeal
C-017, C-027, C-037, C-042, C-048
  • Dismissal Sought
C-017, C-027, C-037, C-042, C-043, C-048, C-045, C-053, C-054, C-055
  • Mitigating Factors – Failure to Consider
C-010, C-033, C-041, C-045, C-052, C-063, C-072
  • Parity - Appropriateness of Measure Imposed
C-006, C-013, C-022, C-027C-029, C-030, C-032, C-033, C-036C-038, C-050, C-051, C-052, C-054, C-056, C-063, C-064, C-072
  • Validity of Aggravating Factor
C-034, C-038, C-050, C-051, C-054, C-056, C-063, C-072
  • Validity of conduct measure
Discourteous Comments C-039, C-068

Discreditable conduct

  • Domestic Violence
C-014, C-016, C-066
  • Drug Use
  • Impaired Driving
  • Intoxication and Fighting while Off-Duty
  • McNeil Implications
  • Making False Statements
C-008, C-043, C-059
  • Other
C-006, C-027, C-029, C-031, C-037, C-048, C-045, C-053
  • Repudiation of Employment Contract
  • Sexual Misconduct
C-038, C-061

Duties and Responsibilities – Failure to Perform

  • Failure to Report being under Investigation
  • Failure to Properly Carry Out Investigation
C-026, C-067
  • Failure to Follow Direction
  • Failure to Report for or Remain On Duty
C-015, C-019, C-022, C-032, C-035
  • Mishandling of Evidence/Property
C-012, C-033, C-041, C-053
  • Neglected Duty
  • Unfit for Duty
  • Impaired (alcohol)
  • Unauthorized Outside Activities
  • Unauthorized Use of Government-Issued Equipment
C-022, C-036, C-044, C-045
  • Assessment of Credibility
C-058, C-059, C-066, C-068
Excessive use of force C-070, C-073
Harassment C-028C-038C-042C-050C-051C-064C-065

Procedural Fairness

  • Full Case Against Member Not Disclosed
C-023, C-028, C-060, C-067, C-072
  • No Hearing
C-047, C-054
  • Notice of Right to MRD Assistance
  • Request to Record Conduct Meeting
C-056, C-067, C-068
  • Right to be Heard
C-047, C-053, C-056, C-058, C-060
  • Reasonable Apprehension of Bias
C-058, C-059, C-060, C-062, C-063, C-072
  • Role of Conduct Advisor

Referability of the File to the ERC

C-001, C-002, C-003, C-004, C-005, C-009, C-018, C-020, C-021

Relitigation C-070


  • False or Inaccurate Documentation
C-023, C-028C-041, C-053
  • Making False Statements
C-007, C-008, C-011, C-013, C-022, C-025
  • Reportable Workplace Relationship

Respect for Law and the Administration of Justice

  • Abuse of Authority Power or Position
C-030, C-053, C-056, C-068
  • Failure to Carry Out a Lawful Order
C-013, C-022, C-025

Sufficiency of Reasons

C-010, C-013, C-022, C-050, C-051, C-064, C-068

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