Non-Conduct Appeals

Subject and Case Numbers for Non-Conduct Appeals
Subject Case Number
Appeal Procedure  
  • Abandonment of Appeal
  • Fresh Evidence
NC-090NC-093, NC-113, NC-119, NC-120, NC-121, NC-122, NC-123
  • Time Limit to File an Appeal
NC-011NC-013NC-014NC-025, NC-126
  • Absent from Duty
NC-042, NC-044, NC-048, NC-115
  • Disability
NC-007, NC-026, NC-028, NC-029, NC-030, NC-031, NC-035, NC-036, NC-045, NC-053, NC-054, NC-055, NC-067, NC-082, NC-101, NC-110, NC-112, NC-118
Procedural Fairness
  •  Disclosure
NC-031, NC-048, NC-052, NC-118
  • Reasonable Apprehension of Bias - Decision-Maker
NC-043, NC-120, NC-121
  • Request for Meeting with Decision-Maker
  • Right to be Heard – Consideration of Member's Submission
NC-007, NC-030, NC-048, NC-054, NC-118
  • Sufficiency of reasons
NC-029, NC-082
  • Time limit to file an appeal
Harassment Complaint Decision  
  • Complainant's Right to be Heard
NC-039, NC-071, NC-088, NC-090, NC-093, NC-094, NC-105, NC-113NC-119, NC-120, NC-121, NC-122, NC-123
  • Error of Law (Failure to Apply Proper Policy)
NC-057, NC-076, NC-125
  • Failure to Consider Evidence
NC-039, NC-073, NC-079, NC-086, NC-094, NC-113
  • Failure to Investigate
NC-047, NC-050, NC-051, NC-056, NC-058, NC-059, NC-060, NC-062, NC-064, NC-065, NC-069, NC-074, NC-076, NC-077, NC-078, NC-084, NC-087, NC-089, NC-090, NC-091, NC-092, NC-093, NC-094, NC-097, NC-098, NC-099, NC-100, NC-104, NC-105, NC-116NC-117NC-119, NC-120, NC-122, NC-123NC-127
  • Harassment Complaint was Not Established
NC-009, NC-010, NC-016, NC-027, NC-032, NC-033, NC-034, NC-040, NC-046, NC-061, NC-063, NC-068, NC-069, NC-070, NC-071, NC-072, NC-076, NC-085, NC-096, NC-098, NC-099, NC-113, NC-124
  • Procedural Fairness in Deciding Recusal Request
NC-066NC-086NC-119, NC-121, NC-122, NC-123
  • Standing to Appeal
NC-061, NC-063
  • Sufficiency of Reasons
NC-086, NC-103, NC-104
  • Test to Apply in Deciding Harassment Complaint
NC-056, NC-073, NC-075, NC-086
  • Time Limit to File a Complaint
NC-002, NC-003, NC-019, NC-020, NC-021, NC-103, NC-106, NC-107, NC-108, NC-109, NC-114
  • Time Limit to File an Appeal
NC-049, NC-080, NC-083, NC-111
Language Requirements NC-086
Referability of the File to the ERC NC-004, NC-006, NC-008, NC-012, NC-017, NC-018, NC-022, NC-023, NC-024
Stoppage of Pay and Allowances  
  • Completeness of the Record
Contravention (Found or Suspected)  
  •  Federal Statute
NC-001, NC-081, NC-102
Elements to prove  
  •  Clear Involvement
NC-001, NC-081, NC-102
  •  Exceptional Circumstances
NC-015, NC-102
  •  General
 Procedural Fairness  
  • Duty to Disclose and/or Consider Evidence
NC-005, NC-015, NC-102
  • Notification of Right to Representation
  • Time Limit to Impose SPA Order
  • Bias of Decision-Maker
  • Sufficiency of Reasons 

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