Engaging in meaningful dialogue with the charitable sector

Advisory Committee on the Charitable Sector

The Government of Canada recognizes the valuable role that charities play in our society, as well as the experience and value they bring to public debate and the formulation of public policy.

We’re committed to engaging in meaningful dialogue with charities, and to ensuring that the regulatory environment in which they operate is appropriate and supports the important work that they do.

For these reasons, we have established the Advisory Committee on the Charitable Sector (ACCS).

Ensuring the best support for charities

The ACCS is a consultative forum. It will focus on providing recommendations on the administration and interpretation of policies and programs relating to registered charities and qualified donees. This may include recommendations on improving services or promoting compliance. 

Strengthening the relationship between the government and the sector

The ACCS provides recommendations to the Minister of National Revenue and the Commissioner of the Canada Revenue Agency on important and emerging issues facing charities on an ongoing basis. This process is intended to strengthen the relationship between the government and the sector.

Creating positive effects for a variety of different groups

We believe the ACCS will help the charitable sector and the various groups it serves, including some of the most vulnerable members of our population. Continuous dialogue with the charitable sector on key administrative issues will better support charities’ compliance with existing rules and requirements.

Letting charities do their work

The ACCS will provide a voice for the charitable sector, help to advance the sector’s diverse needs, and provide an opportunity to discuss and consider key administrative issues. This will allow charities to focus on the valuable work they do to serve Canadians.

Contact us

Whether you work, volunteer, or donate to a charity, we encourage you to contact the ACCS secretariat directly if you have input to share.

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