Individuals - Tax information newsletter, Issue: 2015-02

February 26, 2015

1. Online Mail for Individuals

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has introduced a new service that allows individuals to receive some of their correspondence from the CRA directly in My Account.

2. File your taxes online for free!

The CRA has a list of CRA-certified commercial tax preparation software packages and web applications to fit all budgets, including options that are free.

3. Life events can have an impact on your taxes

Whether you just got married or divorced, had a baby, or lost a loved one, life events can affect your tax affairs.

4. Video: First-Time Home Buyers’ Tax credit

If you or your spouse bought a home in 2014, then you may qualify for the first-time home buyer's tax credit.

5. Video: Children’s arts tax credit

You may be able to claim a tax credit if your child was enrolled in eligible artistic, cultural or developmental activity.


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