New to Canada? Learn about taxes and benefits

If you’re a newcomer to Canada, you have to do your taxes if you want to receive certain benefits and credits, if you want to get a refund, or if you think you may owe taxes.

Everything you need to know about doing your taxes is available at the “taxes” section on Here, you can find out about getting your social insurance number, completing a tax return, applying for benefits and credits, contacting the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) if you need help, and you can get international tax information.

Important facts

After you do your taxes for the first time and receive a notice of assessment, you’ll be able register for My Account and access all the CRA’s online self service options. These services are safe and secure and they make doing your taxes faster and easier. You can use them to file your tax return, make a payment, track the status of your return, register for online mail, apply for benefits, and more.

As a newcomer to Canada, it's important to understand your tax obligations and the benefits and credits available to you. The CRA has videos and webinars to help you through tax season, including the webinar “Newcomers and Canadian Taxes: the right information for the right start” (also available in French, Arabic, Cantonese, Punjabi, Spanish and Tagalog).




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